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First of all, the Comics Stolon entries.
hjpotter92,comics,stolon,logoComics Stolon - 001 (CS001)
hjpotter92,comics,stolon,logoComics Stolon - 002 (CS002)
hjpotter92,comics,stolon,logoComics Stolon - 003 (CS003)
hjpotter92,comics,stolon,logoComics Stolon - 004 (CS004)
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hjpotter92,psycho,publishers,logo,akiPsycho Publishers -001 (PP001)
hjpotter92,psycho,publishers,logo,akiPsycho Publishers - 002 (PP002)

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The Cover and the Back

Here are the front and the back pages of the magazine. The actual size is really larger than them, and a lot larger (approximately 25 MB each). Here are the smaller and a bit lower quality versions of them.

The magazine cover
Cover page

The back page
Last Page

Comics Stolon: Jun-Aug 2010 Issue # 001

Comics Stolon is a magazine created by home publication 'Psycho Publishers' based on India's one of the most selling comics industry, "Home to Indian Superheroes", Raj Comics. The magazine combines character analysis, art works from fans, stories, jokes on super heroes, poems and every fun filled content you can probably think of.

All these works have been assembled to be brought to you through Comics Stolon. A new magazine era will begin shortly.

You can download the magazine from this mediafire link or rather from this filesonic link or from hotfile link

As the magazine is based solely on Raj Comics, a topic exists for the same on the Raj Comics forums and you can visit them from here

Your views, feedbacks and suggestions would enlighten us on our path and help us to produce much better versions of the magazine in the future.

Do check the magazine at least once, and let us have a chance in the field of publications. Looking forward for your comments

hjpotter92 and JKB

The file properties are in the image below.

Review the Issue

Comics Stolon: An Innovation in magazine era

Comics Stolon, a name for a beautifully and heartily created magazine based solely for Raj Comics. This magazine shall be dealing with every nook and cranny of Raj Comics and its magic. But it all doesn't end here, the magazine shall incorporate into it the arts from the forum user, fans and also staff. Interviews of members from the team or the forums shall be published time to time, and may be considered as constant attractions.

It is a really small step taken by two members from the Raj Comics forums, (nick)-named 'hjpotter92' and 'JKB'. The magazine will be a true change into the world of comics as well as the magazines. With simple contents like jokes and poems, the magazine will have some other fun stuffs like Super-heroes in outside world.

It will also have some animated contents, giving it a truly new dimension to the world of magazine publications. That is what Psycho Publishers do; isn't it so? The magazine will be having comic reviews of at least 10 comics in each of issues and some characters will be journeyed thoroughly, highlighting their past. And, adding more fun to it, all the comics reviews shall be linking to the respective online store at the Raj Comics website.

For the Facebook addicts, we have a page over there, and can be visited right from And for the people, who have not entered the Facebook world, and are currently using Orkut, kindly visit

Get ready to be enthralled and have fun while reading this e-magazine; a new step in the modern era. The magazine will always be in a PDF format, so you will need some PDF reading software like Adobe Acrobat Reader or the Foxit Reader or any other suitable software for your computers/macs/tablets/laptops and not to forget mobiles.

I will recommend Adobe Reader 9.0 or later, to view the animations, videos and flash contents easily.